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    Free Scooter Removal Service

    For Private Property Owners/Managers
    in San Diego and Los Angeles
    We offer Free and Paid Services
    For media inquiries call:
    Felice Agency

  • Are Scooters Cluttering Your Property?

    24/7 Free Removal of Scooters

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    Lower Liability

    What if someone trips over a Scooter on your Property?

    it happens...

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    Improve Access

    No More Obstructions Blocking Customer Access

    are you losing business? are you abiding to ADA codes?

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    No Parking Zones

    Have Your Property Protected by Enforcing No-Parking

    we can get it done...

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    We get the Job Done

    at no cost to you

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    John and Dan

    They work hard to keep the San Diego safe and looking beautiful

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    Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

    San Diego has a lot of scooters we need more scoopers

  • Some of our clients

    Just a few of the properties we serve.

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  • About ScootScoop


    We came to the rescue before anyone else. Period.


    We started by helping private property owners deal with discarded scooters blocking entrances, access points and parking that was creating a hazard.


    What began as a way to manage pedestrian safety and ADA access morphed into a company that understands the intricacies of managing shared mobility devices, how cities can work to manage transportation, parking and use issues and how scooter companies can become more effective at managing their fleets so that private property owners are not left out of the equation. In fact, our work with private property owners benefits them in many more ways than simply keeping their sidewalks, common areas and parking free of clutter. We elevate the image of the city and we also assist with rider education for a safer, more convenient city.

    The reality is no one right now is charged with or contracted to manage or enforce the deposition of unwanted devices or equipment on private property.

    We are here to solve that problem.

    We have more than 300 private properties under our care.


    Our typical clients:



    Retail Stores and Malls





    How the service works:



    Sign the Authorization Form


    Call us to report unwanted scooters


    We remove the unwanted scooters

    We also patrol your property daily


    Benefits of working with us:

    We help property owners communicate with scooter companies and city officials; we convey the needs wants and desires of private property to ensure that everyone is doing what they promise to do and so that private property owner rights are protected and their voices are heard.

    The riding public does not understand or in some cases care about the rights of private property owners. We serve as education ambassadors to reinforce good behavior.

    We provide protection to entrance and access points, we stimulate the placement of geofencing around your property if necessary.

    For business owners, we help protect your workman's comp rating by reducing the potential for Injury from untrained employees having to worry about moving shared mobility devices.

    We also free up employees from spending their time moving devices so they can do what they are paid to do.

    We put all shared mobility operators on notice, that if they do not comply with the wishes of that private property owner we will remove and impound those devices.

    We work with shared mobility operators who wish to lease space from private property owners to stage their products in the most convenient and safe place on-property.

    We create a friendly safer environment.


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    We would really appreciate it!


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  • Contact Us to Start Service

    Questions? Use form below or call 858-262-1912
    for Property Owners/Managers and also Business inquiries

    Fill out: Towing Agreement


    For Media inquiries: Contact the Felice Agency at 619-693-6999 or tony@feliceagency.com

  • Current Service Areas

    We are adding more service zones each week!