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Say Goodbye to Scooters in Lafayette for Now

UPDATE: A plan that includes a pause in operations has been reached between Mayor-President Joel Robideaux and company representatives from Bird and Lime scooter companies as it relates to the scooters that have been used in Lafayette. The pause is to allow the time needed to address current state law.

"During this pause in operations, the Robideaux administration, in collaboration with the scooter companies, will create a local framework in which safety, permitting, logistics, rules of operation and other regulations are put into place," says the LCG press release. "The pause is temporary and will last only as long as needed to revise the current state law and pass a local ordinance."

So for the time being, the scooters have to be taken from city streets. Robideaux is asking both companies, Lime and Bird, to voluntary remove their scooters from Lafayette streets.